Life Imitating Art Imitating LIfe

The trouble with doing portrait quilts is that I never know when they’ll take a notion to climb off the walls and jump into my world.

Kathleen Dawson, the national director of Quilt National was nice enough to forward this picture of me talking to Geri Barr in front of my quilt “Entre Nous” at the Quilt National opening.  And, of course that’s also me in the quilt talking to my husband Dave.

Are you talking to me?

Then there was this photo sent to me by Marion Coleman.   I had the great pleasure of speaking to the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland on Saturday. Marion snapped this picture of what looks like Guild President Marilyn Handis and me fighting over some hapless man.  No worries.  He’s just a fabric portrait of my grandfather from a quilt I’m working on that I brought to demonstrate my process to the guild.

Unhand that man!


One response to “Life Imitating Art Imitating LIfe

  1. love that photo from Kathleen Dawson! perfect!!

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